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  1. Orchids:A Collection - Melissa Paget

    The continuing visual works of Melissa Paget show a spirited obsession with abstracted shapes that produce forms that relay movement; not unlike the moving flickers and static on an off-channel television screen. Paget’s Irregular and hastily conceived shapes (drawing influence from artists such as Hans Arp) represent a canvas of figurative patterns against each other which also produce a rough yet somewhat floral fluidity through her seemingly manic hand. Paget’s lively dashed and dotted connections via the hand are also represented in her digital 2-D works that mesh the utilities of early computer technologies with the direct ideology of the other works above that are comprised of paint and ink. To add to the uncompromising feel for moving texture and static, Paget’s work of painted illustration highlights further the dynamism of drawn shapes that are subtly manipulated by the extremely fluid, seemingly automatic, and expressionist brushwork. When the manipulations above are compared to Paget’s other heavily abstracted, abrasive and textured audio works of her sound art project MASS MARRIAGE, the congruency of Paget’s different creative projects in different disciplines is impossible to ignore.

    September 2013