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  1. Black House//White Magic - Katy Knowlton

    1 There are two kinds of beings in heaven, namely: Angels, who are resurrected personages, having bodies of flesh and bones—

    2 For instance, Jesus said: Handle me and see, for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

    3 Secondly: the spirits of just men made perfect, they who are not resurrected, but inherit the same glory.

    4 When a messenger comes saying he has a message[*] from God, offer him your hand[†] and request him to shake hands with you.

    5 If he be an angel he will do so, and you will feel his hand.

    6 If he be the spirit of a just man made perfect[‡] he will come in his glory; for that is the only way he can appear—

    7 Ask him to shake hands with you, but he will not move, because it is contrary to the order of heaven for a just man to deceive; but he will still deliver his message.

    8 If it be the devil as an angel of light, when you ask him to shake hands he will offer you his hand, and you will not feel anything[§]; you may therefore detect him.

    9 These are three[**] grand keys whereby you may know whether any administration is from God.

    January 2014