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  1. LiveWire - Jonah Porter

    In bayesian models, sampled data is interpreted as a result of a random process.
    The fact that this model incorporates uncertainty in its conceptualization does not mean that the phenomenon has resulted from a random process, but solely allows to build a methodological basis for the spatial inference of quantities in unobserved locations and to the quantification of the uncertainty associated with the estimator.


    During the sudden death round of Shin A Lam (KOR) semi-final Olympic match against Britta Heidemann (GER) at ExCeL Stadium, the match was tied 5-5 with Shin granted priority, meaning she would advance to the next round if the match ended in a tie.

    With 00:01 left on the clock, Heidemann and Shin faced off three times, Heidemann scoring the winning touch on the third start.

    Shin's coach appealed the ruling, arguing that the clock had not started and the match was out of time before Heidemann's score.

    Shin remained on the Piste for 45 minutes while the judges decided on the ruling.

    December 2013