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  1. Zero Gravity - Austin Adkins

    This performance is inextricably linked to memory. Each successive action impacts the ones that went before. Because performance is considered ephemeral it is always radical. Like memory, it is only as reliable as one can recall.

    Performance, representations of performance, and the notion of movement and dance-like activities through varied media allow for actions to exist beyond ephemeral states. In postmodern dance, outside of these systems of structure and rules, the legacies of formalist expression of movement begin to deteriorate with a continual question, “what qualifies as dance?”

    In “Zero Gravity” Adkins talks about whats on his mind, poses in front of a mirror, and balances on parallel bars.

    Austin Adkins is a dancer/performance artist from Portland, Or. He received his BFA in Intermedia from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Has previously performed with Modern Garage Movement, BOY JOY, Big Art Group, Frau Fiber, and Holcombe Waller and has been featured in international performance festivals such as Low Lives and PICA’s Time Based Arts Festival.

    February 2013