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  1. Fresh off the boat - Patrick Cruz

    Fresh off the boat - Patrick Cruz

    I was thinking of limiting my colour palette between Red, Blue and White

    United States and the Philippine flag both share the colour palette mentioned,

    Except for yellow

    I am making all the work at MULTIPLEX

    I plan to execute a serious looking exhibition to the point of ridicule

    Fun and humor are important elements in my work

    I intend to be sober through the whole process of production

    It’s interesting that both United States and the Philippines have masonic influences.

    United States used to occupy the Philippine Islands

    If they catch you smoking weed in the Philippines you can be jailed for life

    Vancouver, Canada hosts a massive 420 within their art gallery grounds

    I think the exhibition will be mostly about Canada

    If the United States was on four-wheel drive Canada is on neutral

    While the Philippines has her emergency lights on

    Possibly colour red as well

    Colour is spelt with a “u” in Canada

    I think the border is also a heterotopic space

    As well as Duty Free

    I love Duty Free





    Sitting at a long table with you




    They tell me that in America, they spell business with a Y. They ask me, are you in town for business or pleasure? I’m in town for busyness. One asks, what about being young and in love? I present my laptop and my cracked phone. Look at her, two glowing rectangles at once! He says, “You’re not your job” and I say, “No, I’m not my day job.” Between two glowing rectangles all contentment hangs in the impossible balance between being young and busy, young and surreptitiously bored but appearing productive, or young and in love. They tell me, while in town for busyness, I could have some excellent coffee with my to-do list.


    I don’t want to sit at a long table with you because I ask you what the Wi-Fi password is, but it’s your first time here too, and you don’t know either. You have a laptop, and seem to be working on it for the past twenty minutes or so. Then you reply, “If you find out, could you let me know?” So even though I ask you—because the whole point of my asking is to avoid walking over to the service counter (albeit my laziness, albeit my busyness), which is an unreasonable distance from the long table in this café that is too spacious, spacious enough to house a long table, more spacious than most art galleries in this neighborhood—I leave you alone at our long table and walk over to the service counter and ask for the Wi-Fi password. It’s Color-phone, with a hyphen and a capital C. I come back and I say, “It’s Color-phone, with a hyphen and a capital C.” And you thank me so politely it is pointless to resent you. I enter the password spelled incorrectly, twice. Oh right, in Canada, they spell color with a U.



    —Steffanie Ling


    * This text was commissioned to accompany Fresh off the boat, an exhibition of work by Patrick Cruz at Multiplex

    May 2014